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Dipper and mabel are going back to gravity falls for another summer. The series ran from june 15, 2012, to february 15, 2016. Weirdmageddon, oddpocalypse, or weirdpocalypse is an apocalyptic event one billion years prophesised that comes to pass due to the interdimensional rift being unleashed into gravity falls, oregon. Gravity falls season 3 chapter 1, a gravity falls fanfic. Reverse gravity falls fanfic new story out season 3 episode 10. The gravity falls wiki provides a database of knowledge on disney channels hit show, gravity falls. Here are the top 10 reasons why we love her so much. Discovery of the great unknown part 2 season 3 episode 7. The weirdmageddon episodes use a corrupted version of the song.

After four years of season 2s conclusion, its almost clear that season 3 s chances of return are pretty low. Created by alex hirsch, gravity falls was an animated series that ran for forty episodes across two seasons on disney channeldisney xd. Its the hottest day of the summer and the opening day of the gravity falls pool, where mabel befriends a mysterious boy named mermando. However, when they do, sheriff blubs and deputy durland go after them to stop the secret from being revealed. There wont be a third season of disney xds animated mystery series, gravity falls. The opening for gravity falls has been given a stunning makeover in the style of animal crossing. All fans of gravity falls are welcome with open arms. Ever since november, gravity falls fans have been waiting for the conclusion to weirdmageddon and the series as a whole. The gravity falls title theme is the instrumental theme played during the opening of the series, gravity falls. While fans were disappointed that the highly successful disney xd series ended after two seasons, series creator alex hirsch hinted that gravity falls season 3. Gravity falls season 2 alternative opening fan made david nguyen. Gravity falls season 3 this is a unique project of alex hirsch, who already has a real army of fans around the world.

The show is adorable and fun, and one of the greatest parts of the show is mabel pines. Watch gravity falls online stream full episodes directv. The pines twins, dipper and mabel are returning to gravity falls for one final summer. Gravity falls is an american animated mystery comedy television series created by alex hirsch for disney channel and disney xd. Here is a sequel of the last two seasons of gravity falls, set in the year following in the summer, as determined by the letter written by the sweet wendy. Discuss the show in forums, blogs, or our popular chat room. And moreover signed by various friends, as well as by wendy.

Dipper and mabel pines have spent the last six summers visiting gravity falls and exploring the mysteries. Beginning with northwest mansion mystery, a shortened version of the theme is used in episodes that are longer than usual. Gravity falls season 2 episode 20 weirdmageddon 3 take back the falls by gravity falls season 2. After finding a strange book in the forest, dipper begins to learn about the dark side of gravity falls, and suspects that mabels new boyfriend is a zombie. Gravity falls opening theme recreated in animal crossing. The series is coming to an end but the shows creator, alex hirsch, says that it. This catastrophic event also serves as the final story arc of season 2 and the series. Season 2 greatly elevates the mystery element of the show. Grunkle stan has the kids help him run the mystery shack, the tourist trap that he owns. The children arrived on vacation to visit their greatuncle stan grunkle, who owns almost the main attraction of a boring village tourist center with the enticing name of the wonderhouse for the first time the twins are so boring, it is reasonable because there. Gravity falls season 2 episode 20 weirdmageddon 3 take back the falls by. After that, for a year the cartoon fans have only one question in their heads. Lush backgrounds and beautiful graphics allow you to explore your favorite places from the show, such as the mystery shack and the gnome forest, like. New one crazy summer a look back at gravity falls featuring interviews with alex hirsch, actors jason ritter, kristen schaal, jackie buscarino, thurop van orman, carl faruolo, and niki yang, creative director michael rianda, producers.

Gravity falls season 2 alternative opening fan made. Gravity falls season 2 alternative opening fan made duration. Legend of the gnome gemulets, powered by the acclaimed ubiart framework game engine,brings the look and feel of the show to nintendo 3ds systems. Check out all our galleries from hd screenshots to beautiful concept art. Find detailed information of characters, cryptograms, and hidden messages from the show. Gravity falls season 3 4 years have passed since the twins last visit to gravity falls.

Gravity falls trailer theme from gravity falls season 2 trailer. However, a twitter post by one of the storyboard artists confirms that season 3. Dont miss any episodes, set your dvr to record gravity falls twins dipper and mabel pines are sent to spend the summer with their greatuncle, grunkle stan, in the mysterious town of gravity falls, ore. New audio commentaries on all 40 episodes with creator alex hirsch and members of the cast and crew. The series follows the adventures of dipper pines voiced by jason ritter and his twin sister mabel voiced by kristen schaal who are sent to spend the summer with their greatuncle or. Another clue is that in the ending sence diper is opening a letter from wendy and in the letter is was written see you next summer so that can be a clue that gravity falls maybe could be back in the third season gravity falls maybe could come back on the journeys of stan and ford. Padraig cotter oct 11, 2019 the show came to an end in 2016 but is it possible gravity falls season 3 could happen. Gravity falls creator alex hirsch explains why hes. Comedy adventure cartoon gravity falls from the studio disney xd and author of the project alex hirsch pleased us for two whole seasons and ended with an episode weirdmageddon 3. On the annual pioneer day at gravity falls, the kids discover that the towns founder was a fraud and a hoax, so they set out to expose the truth. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your. The author of the journals is kinda a end of season reveal and along with a post i saw very recently on this subreddit with an image of a social media post from some guy saying that he talked to a guy who works on the show and he said that all the episodes are all written out and hirsch wants a movie to wrap up gravity falls.

Gravity falls aired its final episode, weirdmageddon 3. I wanted gravity falls to have a mystery that had a real answer, an adventure that had a real climax, and an ending that had a real conclusion for the characters i care so much about, the 30. This is the fanmade intro of gravity falls season iii. Bill and gideon have reformed, ford is there in the beginning of summer instead of the middle, and everyones happy. A group of fans is making a season 3 of gravity falls watch the mini episode they made. Trillions of years prior to the events of the series, bill cipher, who was trapped in his. The gravity falls main title theme, composed by brad breeck, is the opening theme song played over the title sequence to gravity falls. Gravity falls season 3, a gravity falls fanfic fanfiction. Gravity falls get season 4 on youtube advertisement.

Twins dipper and mabel pines are sent to spend the summer with their grunkle stan, in the mysterious town of gravity falls, oregon. Gravity falls weirdmageddon 3 opening by may walker. A combination of the regular and the weirdmageddon openings. They are transcribed by ear, sometimes with the aid of closed captions by contributors of the wiki.

This is a fan made gravity falls season 3 intro,it includes about 7 secrets, see if you can find them all. This is a list of transcripts of gravity falls episodes and shorts. What began in 2012 as a curious experimentan attempt at a longform narrative arc, stuffed with detail and raw emotionality within the confines of a halfhour animated kids showquickly became a phenomenon, inspiring fans to. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item. Top 10 funniest mabel pines moments in gravity falls cartoons. The creator of the cartoon has repeatedly said in his interviews that he does not plan to return to the continuation of the animated series. Gravity falls season 3, rumors and facts, latest news. Hirsch said somewhere after the last episode that the material in season 2b will be what was originally intended for season 3, partly because the internet figured out the authors identity a long time ago. But now the twins are adults and are coming to the recently built college of gravity falls. Gravity falls alex hirsch talks about disneys censors, pacifica. Gravity falls follows twin siblings who spend the summer with their great uncle, or grunkle stan in a spooky town chock full of supernatural happenings. I really want to know if a season 3 will ever exist since i need this show in my life. It was here where the nice kids dipper pines and his twin sister mabel pines came. Now, at long last, that time has finally come and brought with it laughs.

They are 16 now, and dipper is driving their car to the sleepy town. A demo reel of music for the show was released in 2011, by dan cantrell, who also composed work on the marvelous misadventures of flapjack, with singers chanting the title of the show. The weirdmageddon episodes use a corrupted version of. Season 3 hirschcreateaseason3ofgravityfallsitsanecessity with.

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