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The office of development coordinates grants management activities related to programs funded by external sources such as federal, state, local and private organizations. All of the step by step instructions are pdf documents. Transaction ob01 credit management change risk category definition of the risk category for each credit control area. You can use transaction fd32 to assign this risk category to a credit account. We started implementing grant funded project solutions in sap in 1999 at the university of. Provides the administrative support and any data entry needed for grants processing. This course looks at payment management, specifically. Grantvantage offers an endtoend grants management solution built on the dynamics 365 platform. The master data index for grant sponsors can be used to display a listing of award sponsors and their. Ba7 and midyear awarded grants will be entered directly. The application meets the requirements of public sector organizations that fund grant programs. Data administered in the kuali coeus research management kcrm system and its integration with the centralized financial, human resources, and procurement components of sap are within scope. User errors missed steps in the grants process, user mistakes, lack of training, lack of basic understanding of sap concepts and processes lpes were trained to understand the grants process including integration with fi, projects, co, srm and fm a. The associate coordinates with staff executing the specifics of the grant, as well as conducting daytoday communication with the financial staff about grant requirements.

Sap funds management fifm is another sub component under fi module. Find a sponsor using names or search terms within the lookup box to the right of the sponsor field. Participants will understand the integration of grant management with the usual business processes. Grants management grantee enables public sector institutions as well as nonforprofit organizations to manage sponsored grantee. Sponsor sponsorgrantee grantee internal view budgeting funds management sponsored. Additionally, keep in mind that ncdot sap support services. The board is thrilled, the boss is proud, the staff is grateful. As the name it helps the organization to manage funds. Sap grantor solution is based on sap crm 7 with sap ecc funds management or sap ecc public sector integration. Sap grantor provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for government organizations that provide financial assistance programs to citizens and businesses. There are six types of grants that require management. The grantor solution allows organizations to record and report performance measures, define service standards, and assess risk. In sap a grant master contains the terms and conditions for the control, use, and reporting of a sponsors funding sponsored program a tool for grouping costs to satisfy the sponsors view and reporting needs for grants all grants must be associated with a sponsored program in sap must be set up before creating a grant master. This document represents the most commonly occurring issues in funds management fm and grants management gm.

The essential guide to grant management smartsheet. The office of development is comprised of two assistant directors of grants and contracts, the grants compliance officer and the associate vice chancellor of development. Grant, sponsored class, sponsored program and fund for each timeslice i. Sap grants management complements sap s current public sector offering. Errors resulting from sap program flaws part of the stabilization process. In grants management, the public agency distributing the money is known as the grantor, and th e receiving organisationperson that is recipient of the grants is known as the grantee. It is used to group expense and revenue general ledger accounts for viewing and reporting needs. Case management pdf forms attachments grantor management crm integration with ecc processes.

We believe all nonprofits should be best run organizations. Though sap could be used solely for grants as a bestofbreed solution rather. Press enter and the display grant master window will appear. Built by grant managers for grant managers, the grantvantage grants management solution supports funders, grantees and subrecipients. The deloitte grants management solution can help you improve the efficiency of managing grants programs and drive greater impact from your grant investments. The fact that you are looking at the manual probably means that you have a grant funded or are anticipating grant funding in the near future. Sap funds management fifm module tutorial, transactions and tables. Grantvantage streamlines, automates, and standardizes the process of managing objectives, performance measures. The business processes includes the following steps.

Introduction to sap grantor management part i sap blogs. Programproject grants that are for a specific activity or plan within an or. Also in psm customizing, choose grants management grantee management global settings and use the following programs, in any order. Plan, budget, identify, obtain, and record all funding related to sponsored projects differentiate between eligible and ineligible costs. The sponsor number range for grants management is 3000000 to 3999999. This is the second of three grants management boot camp training courses covering financial and program management topics. Solution scope of the onpremise sap s4hana public sector solution includes. There are many steps before and after the actual granting of funds. They will learn which customizing settings should be executed.

Grants management reporting supports the financial and administrative reporting functions of research and grant management programs at boston university. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. Grants management grantee enables public sector institutions as well as nonforprofit organizations to manage sponsored granteerelated programs, such as grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements, from preaward administration to postaward management and reporting the sap solutions enable to meet individual sponsor requirements without. Stepbystep instructions administrative systems duke. This training assisted las to identify donors, develop grant proposals and manage received grants effectively. We combine stateoftheart technologies with leading practices based on many years of practical experience helping organizations modernize their grants programs. Umoja grant management implementing partner process.

Set grant as not relevant for grants management if you have activated the dimension grant in other components, such as co, but do not need to make use of any other features in the gm system, use this step to. How to display grant information in the grants management gm system. Functional parity between the sap erp application and sap s4hana funds and grants management are fully functional in sap s4hana. The deloitte grants management solution combines financial management from sap grantor with leading content management, security and records management from opentext. Gm and rm together define what needs to be done when. Grants management manual welcome to grants management. Grants management grantee enables public sector institutions as well as nonforprofit organizations to manage sponsored granteerelated programs, such as grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements, from preaward administration to postaward management and reporting the sap solutions enable to meet. Grant relevant budgets will be retracted to gm first and released to fm. The grants management gm component is divided into two parts grantee management gmgte and grantor management gmgtr.

If you do not have pdf reader already installed on your computer, please consult with your departments computer support staff. Someone has to be responsible for administering the project, complying with regulations, reporting to the funder. User statuses are linked to the grants lifecycle status. The analysis consists of the 1 cost of ticket and 2 the cost of dsa, terminals and miscellaneous for. The grants management system will generally be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Enterprise grants management gary thomas it director of sap services jill stewart sap business architect. The program defines how the grant activities are managed and funded, and controls how grants are delivered to grantee. How to improve the grants management process business 2. Grants management gmgrantee is an integrated module that allows public sector organizations to plan, budget, manage, record, and report funding related to grants. Sap ag 2000 12 41600 highlevel design in order to cover the entire sponsored programs market and to provide for the possibility of marketplaces for grants, we would expect to decouple and support interrelated sponsor vs. Participants learn how the sap system optimizes the management of grants on the side of the recipient. Periodic budget amendments such as transfers, supplements and returns e. Essentials of grants management georgia department of. Sap ag funds management fi fm funds management fi fm funds management fi fm purpose the functions in this component support you in creating budgets. Use the links below to access more detailed information on each of these. It helps the companies for proper budgeting and avoiding overrun budgets. What is inside this module these talg training modules can be used by different users, ranging from beginners to practitioners, and from those working in las to those working as partners with las.

The tasks of funds management are to budget all revenues and expenditures for individual responsibility areas. Grantor standardizes and supports the endtoend process of planning, selection, management, and evaluation of grant programs with a single integrated platform. General operating grants that are for the everyday operations of an organization. Funds management and grants management fields are already in the universal journal for reporting and analysis. Capital grants that are generally for endowment, building, equipment, or construction. Grants management system in sap central michigan university. Sap ag 2003, grants management grantee, keith harmon 11 budgeting dimensions. Explain key terminology display master data display budgets run grant reports. An analysis of travelers cost is required for reporting to the donors and other management purposes.

Other resources include publications, training courses, and websites devoted to grants management which can assist any grantee reach a high level of proficiency in grants management. There are many resources available to learn more about managing grants and even become certified in the field of grants management. View tables, tcodes and pdf tutorials to learn more about this module. For subsequent years, sap budget prep will be used to formulate the budget and retract it to fm for nongrant relevant budgets.

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