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A sample cassava processing plant business plan template. Growing cassava a training manual from production to postharvest adebayo b. Enterprise combinations in cassava based food crop farming. Costs and returns analysis of cassava production in ekiti state, nigeria s. Knowledge status and disease control practices of cassava. Better cuttings are from the middle portion of the stem figure 9b. Abass, elifatio towo, ivor mukuka, richardson okechukwu, roger ranaivoson, gbassey tarawali and edward kanju. The paper focuses on nigerias cassava trade outlook and how it can compete favourably with other exporting nations while examining its prospects, strategies for development and challenges the. A case of rural women in abia state, nigeria anyiro chidozie onyedikachi1 and onyemachi amarachi delight2 1department of agricultural economics and extension, abia state university uturu, umuahia campus, pmb 7010, umuahia, abia state, nigeria. Nigeria is ranked the third largest producer of cassava in the world, producing over 40 million metric tonnes annually, followed by brazil and. Cassava farming and processing business plan in nigeria business plan for cassava processing plant do you know that 80% percent of the food we eat in nigeria is starch.

Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in the world followed by brazil. Relax and read as i give you detailed analysis of the required capital, specific description of the necessary equipment, practical steps for the processing, packaging techniques and the effective marketing strategies for cassava business in nigeria. We propose a systematic map of research on cassava farming practices and. But am not here for description but exposure of realities in this goldmine. Cassava is also grown mainly for food in kerala state, india, where farmers have achieved average root yields of 24 tonnes per ha, thanks to intensive production, often under irrigation20. Currently, nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in the world fao, 2004 and it is believed that production of cassava is. In nigeria, cassava is generally believed to be cultivated by small scaled farmers with low resources ezebuiro, et al 2008. Abduraheem ekiti state university, ado ekiti, nigeria. How to start cassava farming business in nigeria businesshab. Nigeria stands as one of the largest producer of cassava in the world with recorded production of 34 million tones. In order to let you see whats possible for you to make in cassava processing, we have added cassava farming and processing video tutorials on agricdemy.

Cassava farming in nigeria pdf africa business classroom. Sustainable intensification of cassava production is the subject of this guide, the. Accepted 8 october, 20 cassava is one of the mostly cultivated root crops in nigeria, and in ekiti state with specific reference to this study. Nigeria, root yields increased sixfold when the quantity of water supplied by. Nigeria occupies a significant global position in cassava production, with 57. As early as 1667 the planting and cultivation of cassava as began in nigeria. Economic analysis of cassava production in ogun state, nigeria. It grows well and performs better in tropical and sub tropical parts of the world. There are four types the various types have different harvesting widths and they dig up all cassava roots without damage they can be attached to st andard tractors with double power output device. As a matter of fact, worldwide, 800 million people depend on cassava as their primary food staple especially in sub saharan africa, south america and some parts of. Analysis of incentives and disincentives for cassava in nigeria. Businesses in the cassava farming cum processing industry primarily grow different species of cassavas and process them for different purpose.

The work studied the economic analysis of cassava production. Establishing a cassava farm is a very good business idea considering the high demand of the product all over the world. This post could be downloaded as pdf cassava farming in nigeria pdf now you see, cassava farming and garri processing business in nigeria could be wellpaid business because of the high consumption rate and a proper investment and abiding by proper recommended steps will make the production a lot easier. Initiatives to boost production the major stakeholders in the cassava sector include the nigeria cassava growers association, an. Indonesia has the regions highest per capita cassava food supply, of 44 kg per year, well above the regional average of 6. Cassava manihot esculenta production is vital to the economy of nigeria as the.

Clearing of land should be done in january, followed by felling of trees and burning in february to allow seedbed preparation to be completed after the first rains. The study covered ihiala local government area of anambra state. The urgent need for mechanized cassava farms nigeria is long over due for mechanized cassava farming because of her favourable conditions. This move was credited to the portuguese explorers and slaves from brazil and the. Productivity and technical efficiency of cassava production in ogun. Most of the farmers in the rural areas still depend on local cassava varieties for their planting materials which in turn result in a very poor yield at. When intercropped with maize, plant cassava on the top and maize on the side of the ridge or mound. Iitas data reveals that in nigeria the north central zone consisting of benue, kogi, plateau, taraba, nasarawa, niger, and kwara states produces the largest quantity about 29% of cassava in nigeria better than the southern. Industrial processing of cassava has a great potential for successful investment. This sample cassava farming and processing business plan in nigeria can be used for grant applications, bank loans, proposal writing, business concept note, competitions etc. International journal of natural and applied sciences. Pdf cassava production in nigeria constraints, solutions and. Harvesting, processing, marketing, and exportation.

Since time in memorial, the cassava has been viewed as a low value crop with some even calling it the poor mans crop. Pind conducted a value chain analysis of the cassava sector in the niger delta region which identified a number of systemic constraints inhibiting growth in the sector. It is always assumed that cassava production can cause serious soil degradation due to excessive uptake of nutrients leading to soil nutrient depletion, or by causing serious soil erosion when grown on slopes. Minister of agriculture launches vitamin a cassava in nigeria. It provides consolidated and relevant set of technocommercial oriented information presented with simple annotated drawings to explain the following.

Businesses in the cassava farming industry primarily grow different species of cassava for different purposes. In nigeria, practically all the land area in the south are good for cassava farming, however, it is better to verify to ensure that you are investing properly. Cassava has continually played very vital roles, which include. Growing maize with cassava in nigeria choice of land a welldrained, deep friable soil will support maizecassava mixture. Cassava accounts for a daily caloric intake of 30 percent in ghana and is grown by nearly every farming family. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Cassava products has over time been a stable source of food. Cassava manihot esculenta is a staple crop that is important for food security in the tropics. Cassava therefore has tremendous potential to improve the lives of lowincome, rural farmers, processors, and their families and increase food security within the region. Pdf status of cassava production in nigeria, researchgate. How to start cassava farming business in nigeria on a daily basis, more and more products are being churned out from cassava. A look at cassava production in nigeria international scholars. Cassava farming in nigeria it is unfortunate to see many nigerians go to bed hungry, suffering of starvation and malnutrition.

They are simple and comfortable to operate and can dig up cassava roots without damage. Enterprise combinations in cassava based food crop farming system in nigeria. The government should provide infrastructures to rural areas to enable the farmers take advantage of the emerging market oriented cassava production so as to improve their means of livelihood and to contribute to rural development. Cassava production in nigeria is largely by subsistence farming and nigeria is currently the largest producer of cassava in the world. Cassava farming practices and their agricultural and. If the inline pdf is not rendering correctly, you can download the pdf file here. Rice farming business plan in nigeria 2020 pdf nigeria. Starting the agriculture business of growing and producing cassava for local consumption, processing for industrial use and packaging for export is a smart investment decision you can make as a farmer. How to start cassava farming in nigeria income nigeria. Economic importance of cassava production in nigeria. Afolabi2 and fisayo daramola2 1department of agricultural economics and extension 2department of crop science landmark university, p. We constantly complain of lack of good paying jobs and.

The importance of cassava to many africans is epitomised in the ewe a language spoken in ghana, togo and benin name for the plant, agbeli, meaning there is life. Your choice of a land for a cassava farm has to be an area with deep well drained loamy soil, with adequate rainfall together with warm and moist climatic conditions. Rice farming business plan in nigeria feasibility study. Thus, this article shows how you can make your cassava cultivation more business oriented.

The business plan can also be used to plan and make projections when one is planning to go into cassava farming plantation, farming and processing in nigeria. Cassava is unarguably the most important root crop in nigeria in terms of con. To carry out this study, five objectives were formulated and these were. This is a cassava farming business plan in nigeria and could be used to seek financial grants from governments, loan from banks and various types of organization. Cassava farming and processing business plan in nigeria. I department of agricultural economics michael okpara university of agriculture, umudike, abia state. A comprehensive training module on competitive cassava production. Cassava manihot esculenta is a popular crop grown in tropical regions. Cassava farming in nigeria cassava is a perennial woody shrub cultivated mainly for starchy root known as tuber.

Cassava, an arable crop still remains an untapped goldmine in nigeria and the recent hike in the price of its byproduct especially garri has made this crop even more special. There is a growing program of research in africa on yam, cassava, potato and sweet potato addressing genetic enhancement, seed systems, production, marketing and nutrition impacts. Assessment of profitability and efficiency of cassava production. It is the most extensively cultivated crop in the southern part of the country, it contributes largely to the countrys gross domestic production. How to start cassava farming in nigeria and the techniques. Therefore, a wide range of agricultural and environmental outcomes should be considered when cassava farming practices are recommended as. Investing in cassava farming, processing plant for export. This piece of write up is sincere and backed with experience. A comprehensive training module on competitive cassava. In nigeria, cassava production is welldeveloped as an organized agricultural crop. How to start cassava farming business in nigeria the use of cassava products in nigeria keeps increasing. Vibration sieve is connected to the back of the harvester. The real money in cassava farming is made by the processors. For cassava plantation, it is important to choose an.

Home business investing in cassava farming, processing. Prospects for food security and infant nutrition echebiri, r. Comparing the output of various crops in nigeria, the fao ranked cassava production first, followed by yam, sorghum, millet and rice production. Costs and returns analysis of cassava production in ekiti. As a matter of fact, worldwide, 800 million people depend on processed cassava as their primary food staple especially in sub. Are you interested in articles about how to start cassava farming in nigeria, this post contains all the necessary details on cassava farming in nigeria. The crop is produced in 24 of the countrys 36 states. Root and tuber crops cassava, yam, potato and sweet potato. The study also revealed that cassava farming is generally profitable irrespective of the size of the farms, but sex of the farmer, household size. Pdf cassava farming practices and their agricultural and.

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