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Executive protection bodyguard training is as much a mental game as a physical one, and our properly constructed online executive protection courses can teach you a variety of valuable topics that you can utilize in the field immediately. It is what we do to lower the risk of harm to others or ourselves. Of course business leaders or their assistants can be trained in procedures which. The executive protection certificate is a complete package that prepares students for the executive protection industry by providing relevant, up to date training from working professionals. Training days are normally eight to ten hours, with planning and briefing preparation extending into the late evening hours. Security awareness training modules overview knowbe4. These video files are a very large size and take some time to download.

Online executive protection training launching june 2020. Psd executive protection training sessions are normally three to twelve days in length. Specifications for e learning qualification for close protection, executive protection and worldwide protective services. Either the incountry executive has reached a stage in life that he or she feels entitled to luxury and protection or there are genuine concerns about his or her safety. A field training exercise ftx with detailed instruction. Acquaint you with some of the principles of personal protection, including those. Executive protection professional certificate secfor. As an individual protection specialist, the knowledge, skills and ability to work independently is of utmost importance. The tactical training courses are aimed at military and police departments and teach the principles of urban warfare. View course info protection driving program 3 days dates. This will allow the participant the greatest opportunity to be employed in high paying security and protection careers.

It is a very useful site and i am sure some members. An introduction for corporations and security professionals christian west, brian jantzen on. Our protection course meets and exceeds the training requirements under dcjs to obtain your registration as a personal protection specialist. Executive protection training manual manual, memorial day prayer. Feel free to request our free module on this exciting topic.

The executive protection institutes signature driving program is a comprehensive 3day course. Having had the opportunity to read introduction to executive protection by dale june, i can state the following. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id. The bill blackwood law enforcement management institute of texas lemit helps develop the administrative, analytical, and executive skills of current and future law enforcement officials at no cost to either the participant or hisher agency.

The executive protection council, the newest addition to the asis international roster of 34 councils, has been approved by the asis board of directors, according to an asis international press release. Download security training modules from official microsoft. Basic tactics on vip protection the united nations. Learn about proofpoint security awareness training module benefits and features including interactivity, reporting. Executive protection top rated certification course. Download ignition by inductive automation to keep our employees and customers safe during the covid19 outbreak, weve taken proactive steps to follow the health and safety recommendations from the cdc while also delivering the excellent support and services our.

Protective applications group executive protection courses. The purpose of this training module is to acquaint you with the concepts of risk communication. To keep our employees and customers safe during the covid19 outbreak, weve taken proactive steps to follow the health and safety recommendations from the cdc while also delivering the excellent support and services our customers have come to expect from inductive automation. I have read a lot of articles on citehr and i feel its a wonderful place to share knowledge on all aspects of human resource practices. Protective applications group is committed to providing students the fundamental skills and essential knowledge that will ensure the successful execution of protective assignments our goal is to provide the finest instruction, expertise, and training in the industry.

Week 1 week 2 theory introduction to executive protection the adversary and his modi operandi protection methods facility protection protection while on foot the adversarys intelligence gathering methods assassination. Executive protection training tactical medical evasive. The executive protection course will cover a wide range of topics, as detailed below. In addition all other staff working within the secure estate will receive training in personal protection. Members of the council work in executive protection ep full time, oversee ep departments, or advise clients on ep concerns, according to the councils chair, robert oatman, cpp. Ppt troop leadership training module i, ii powerpoint. This training manual has been designed to be delivered alongside the pcc training manual for all custody officers. This intensive fullday program is designed to provide drivers of all ages with the skills needed to recognize and avoid potentially lifethreatening situations, such as motor vehicle accidents and road hazards while driving. Standard tuition training programs in specialized disciplines including covert executive protection, surveillance detection, risk management, vehicle dynamics, and more are designed for dedicated executive protection professionals looking to take their careers to the next level. To further this course we can incorporate range training for ccw firearms training specific to executive protection. The author does an exemplary job of combining the basics of executive protection along with personal insight. Defensive tactics for executive protection dt4ep module. An introduction for corporations and security professionals.

The protective driving training is designed with 6 days of coursework and behindthewheel practice exercises, consisting of 2 essential segments. Executive protection training for security personnel and le. International executive protection course experience 60hours of scenario based training. It is the largest and most sophisticated statewide preparation program for police management in the united states.

Each day consists of a specific driving module designed to elevate driving skills and knowledge. Designing an executive protection program in a corporate environment bert williams executive protection program manager. The most comprehensive manual on the subject of executive protection. Planning safety and security at home and at the office for executive and workplace personnel. Executive protection top rated certification course florida, nationwide. Oatman, an expert on executive protection who frequently provides training to. The curriculum is taught by industry professionals still actively working in the protection business. I, ii, and iii depending on your subscription level. An executive protection specialist is a warrior, but much more so a guardian, believing and doing what duty demands. Module 1 is just over seven minutes long, and it could take anywhere from seven to. Executive protection specialist training bodyguard course.

Dcjs executive protection personal protection specialist. A detailed, but understandable manual for the executive protection officer is a. Over the past few years, its author, peter consterdine has run ep operations in such. Perfect for young drivers, family members, and other nonprofessional drivers, this handson program utilizes exercises. Biology mendelian genetics study guide answers pdf download online full chevrolet cruze, chevrolet tahoe. This is a revolutionary and unprecedented program which joins the two. Perform and learn aspects of intelligence threat collection itc, command, control, communications c3 tactical emergency casualty care tecc, evac and counter assault cat. Elearning security specialist and security risk management including worldwide protective services. Executive protection planning problem behavior morality scribd. Global security, florida executive protection training.

It is staff that takes action to deter, prevent and stop terrorism. Council executive board orientation boy scouts of america. Bodyguards, close protection operatives, and vipexecutive protection. Attend a live leadership training event when available. This manual contains information collected from training material and results based. Executive protection planning free download as pdf file. As an example, depending upon your internet connection rate, the video could take twice as long or more as the length of the video. All modules will need to be completed to be considered trained for the youth protection training. When training a full fpu it is recommended that this module is taught to individual. All classes can be custom designed to accommodate the specific needs of our clients. Training to a standard each student in our 9 day comprehensive executive protection training program will be evaluated and required to demonstrate a capability on each exercise which exceeds the minimum requirements we have established for fundamental knowledge of executive protection, emergency medical response in protective operations and.

Asis international establishes executive protection. The youth protection training consists of three modules and a test module. This training module is one of the key elements for the rollout of the undg guide lines and part of ongoing efforts of the united nations system to mainstream and integrate. Dignitary and executive protection specialist course. Hp100 provides core instruction in the planning, execution and management of protective security detail. Executive protection training embassy security group. The tools of the trade will make or break a housekeeper. Plans, coordinates and conducts close protection training and exercises to. Executive protection training psd training youtube.

Leadership training manual harvard risk management. Tsu protection services offers a basic and an advanced tactical training course. Executive protecton training exective security international. Safehouse security offers an assortment of training modules for psd executive protection. Security management certification course, online training and more. Industry insiders will tell you that consistent training is paramount to being hired and successful in the ep business. However, the majority of this module should be taught in a practical manner using the following format. Training requirements and costs first responder first aid, cpr defensive driving firearms training and certification.

The labs are designed to run in your development scenario, but include production considerations where appropriate. Once all 4 modules have been completed you will see a yo completion indicator in my. Executive protection, casino security and bouncer courses. I am in the process of opening an executive search firm. With sig sauer academys executive protection operations training, students learn to develop plans, conduct route and site surveys, run motorcade operations, perform foot formations, execute emergency immediate action procedures, and concludes in a realistic street scenario mission. Learn about our unique peoplecentric approach to protection. Epa has developed online modules to provide a selfstudy in public participation that can be done in groups throughout the world. Below are the three modules that students will attend to complete the epc.

To easily deliver this new content library to customers, knowbe4 has a module store. More importantly, however, they will have the knowledge and. Security management certification course training online. M0724, memorandum for the heads of executive departments and agencies. We have developed executive protection courses that are streamlined with a focus toward building fundamental skills and concepts.

Basic tactical training officer safety and survival 1. Download and start using the worlds most powerful scada software in just minutes. This course is designed for participants who have existing executive protection skills and desire advanced training in the executive and dignitary protection field as. This course is a comprehensive program designed for individuals who wish to become armed protection officers with additional certifications in baton and executive protection. In our intensive housekeeping training course, we take each course participant through a range of detailed modules. Close protection and vip escorts for the benefit of the united nations. Executive office of the president, office of management and budget. Security departmen training module summary security awarenesssecuritywhat is it. The methods we offer can be applied to executive protection provided for government officials, dignitaries or high networth individuals.

The boyled troop and living the scout oath and law 2. Instruction covers duties performed by security guards and specific tasks that must be monitored and. Defensive driving executive protection military training. Similar to executive protection agents, there is a misconception that police officers and military personnel with combat experience are. In the absence of a national regulatory or quantifiable standard for the training of state and local law enforcement in close protection, or an industry standard for civilian executive protection agents, the isa course managers conducted a full yearlong assessment of law enforcement and civilian ep training as well as operations in the field and identified the core. This course is designed to give you the basic understanding and skill sets to get into executive protection services field. As an executive protection officer, you provide a high quality service with. The modules can be done back to back or over a period of time.

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