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Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list. There is a scene where they all meet up on the steps of the presidential trail, then supposedly climb to the top of mt rushmore, where behind the carvings they find a lake. I love history, specifically american history, and it had clever references and facts about american history that lead to finding the treasure in a way that is not predictable. From the plot to the casting to its complete the da vinci code meets indiana jones ripoff nature, the flick places nic cage in one ludicrous scenario after another and does it in such a lighthearted tone that you cant help but get sucked in by this slick and schlocky hollywood product. Book of secrets was composed by trevor rabin and recorded with the hollywood studio symphony at the todd ao scoring stage in october and november 2007. National treasure national treasure 2 book of secrets bluray exclusive bluray. It probably is a movie mix of another track from the original score.

Book of secrets, cast nicolas cage, justin bartha, diane kruger, jon voight. Book of secrets stars nicolas cage, jon voight, harvey keitel, ed harris the pg movie has a runtime of about 2 hr 10 min, and received a score of. This is a part of my arr from page 47, if you look for the full string quartet please click here. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. In this follow up to the boxoffice hit national treasure, treasure hunter ben gates nicolas cage once again sets out on an exhilarating. Book of secrets by ann lloyd why did you decide to read this book i always wondered if this was a book, as i love the movies.

That being said, i felt something was missing in national treasure. Abigail chase reteam with riley poole and, now armed with a stack of longlost pages from john wilkes booths diary, ben must follow a clue left there to prove his ancestors. Abigail chase reteam with riley poole and, now armed with a stack of longlost pages from john wilkes booths diary, ben must follow a clue left there to prove his ancestors innocence in the assassination of abraham lincoln. It seems unlikely that a national treasure 3 gets made, but id love to hear more from rabin in general. Soundtrack veteran and exyes member trevor rabin composed the score to the hit disney adventure movie national treasure. In this adventurefilled sequel to the 2004 blockbuster national treasure, nicolas cage reprises his role as artifact hunter and archaeologist extraordinaire ben franklin gates. Book of secrets soundtrack by trevor rabin national treasure soundtrack complete by trevor rabin snakes on a plane soundtrack complete by trevor rabin gone in 60 seconds soundtrack complete by trevor rabin 12 rounds soundtrack complete by trevor rabin bad boys ii soundtrack complete score by trevor rabin. Book of secrets proves to be a fairly organic and original sequel. Jon turteltaub, trevor rabin, tom calderaro, bob badami, and jennifer hammond tom calderaro. National treasure book of secrets complete score soundtrack. It was the last feature film score to be recorded at the stage before it was closed down. In this outing, gates learns of his own familys implication in the assassination of abraham lincoln by john wilkes booth. National treasure book of secrets expanded soundtrack. Ever so often i get the movies out to watch them again as i love them so much.

Lets the honest, the first movie had plenty of flaws. Book of secrets was composed by trevor rabin and recorded with the hollywood studio symphony at the todd ao scoring. Its a serviceable, typical accompaniment to a film of this kind, alternating suspenseful orchestration, more uptempo rhythmic passages with percussion and electronics, and an overall sense of racing against danger, as titles like the chase and foot chase indicate. With someone hot on their trail, can they complete their new quest. Movie was filmed in 2007, countries of filming locations are united states. First of all, national treasure, the first one, is one of my favorite movie ever. After stepping out of the film music limelight for a little while, trevor rabin bounces back with a loud powerhouse score to jerry bruckheimers latest popcorn flick, national treasure. Book of secrets 2 cd recording sessions by trevor rabin 2007, flac tracks, lossless. Book of secrets released on home video as national treasure 2. Interesting thing is, i guess the whole score has a certain uniform sound to it, so i didnt even realize the album was missing lots of music until i decided to do a random search for national treasure complete score one day. Staring nicolas cage, justin bartha, diane kruger and helen mirren. In 2005, national treasure hit theaters, and gave audiences an enjoyable if not slightly implausible romp through our nation\s history as ben gates nicholas cage and his cohorts went on a treasure hunt looking for the infamous treasure of the templar knights. His music has a tunefulness to it that always makes for appealing listening, something a few of the newer rc composers could learn from. Why national treasure 3 is taking so long, according to.

Shortly following the release of national treasure. Book of secrets, and its not nearly as musty as the script. To optimize your experience with your screen reading software, please use our website, which has the same tickets as our fandango. Music composed by trevor rabin national treasure complete score 2004 i dont own this track all material in this video. National treasure book of secrets expanded soundtrack score. Driving orchestral score teamed with heavy handed sound design, create an audio palate that is intertwined to highlight interactive voiceover. Book of secrets is a 2007 american adventure film directed by jon turteltaub and produced by jerry bruckheimer. Book of secrets original motion picture soundtrack, an album by trevor rabin on spotify. There is an actual book of secrets buried in national treasure.

Book of secrets nicolas cage jon voight harvey keitel 2007 a page from the diary of john wilkes booth implicates ben gates nicolas cage greatgreat grandfather as a major conspirator in the assassination of. It is a sequel to the 2004 film national treasure and is the second part of the national treasure film series. National treasure book of secrets justin bartha lisa sheldon by peligrohombre. They go to the black hills to search for the lost city of cebola. Its an only in movie piece of music, used in national treasure from 2004 starts exactly when shaw, wearing a baseball hat, electrocutes the guard while ian and his crew is trying to get the declaration of independence. Book of secrets contributor names jon turteltaub director trevor rabin, additional tom gire, don harper, paul linford, john sponsler composer. Michelle dibucci national treasure, book of secrets trevor rabin american gangster marc streitenfeld scanners complete howard. National treasures book of secrets on display at the. Its available to watch on tv, online, tablets, phone. Fun indiana jones rip off, an improvement on its predecessor with better character moments. Why national treasure never became the next indiana jones.

Now they\re back, and on the hunt for redemption, as new evidence brought forth by mitch wilkinson ed harris shows that gates. Trevor rabin gave another solid score but this one is very short and some cues from the. National treasure by jon turteltaub jon turteltaub. Book of secrets is a pretty typical blockbuster sequel, focused intently on appeasing what it thinks the audience wants, and missing out on what it takes to make a truly good movie. Book of secrets ratchets up the crazy by a factor of 10. Trevor rabin has done such a fabulous job of writing this score that the first time. Graced with some extra star wattage courtesy of helen mirren and. National treasure original score trevor rabin songs. Book of secrets december, 2007 benjamin franklin gates and dr. This time ben gates is on a quest to find the lost city of gold in order to prove that his great grandfather wasnt a. Book of secrets 2007 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Book of secrets brief sampling of sequel score is very entertaining.

National treasure complete score soundtrack trevor rabin 2004. To use this picture as your desktop wallpaper, rightclick on it with your mouse and then select set as windows wallpaper or set as background, or whatever similar option your particular browser provides in the rightclick popup menu. Unreleased music from the london chase from the complete score to national treasure. Book of secrets t he riproaring success of the first national treasure movie and naturally the rippingerroaringer success of the da vinci code. National treasure collection the movie database tmdb. Book of secrets, millions of moviegoers might have left theaters around the world believing that the library of congress, the worlds largest library, was home to a book that holds all of the u. Book of secrets on dvd 786936735390 from disney buena vista. Book of secrets starring nicolas cage in this movies anywhere on directv. While it is a fun score and an enjoyable listen, it is what one has come to expect from a bruckheimer. Mt rushmore is in the 2nd one, national treasure, book of secrets. Though it requires complete suspension of disbelief and some leeway in having its busy, loopy plot accepted, such actions are rewarded with an entertaining and very fun ride. Book of secrets desktop wallpaper picture 800 x 600 pixels.

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